Our Background

At the time we were established – back in 1967 – the wine industry in Canada was still in its early years. As a country, we were still exploring what worked best in our wine regions, and the wine industry here was fighting for recognition both at home and abroad.

As the Wine Judges of Canada (WJC) now approaches its 45th anniversary, we can be proud of the role we have played in establishing Canada as an important and respected voice in the international conversation about wine. Our wine industry is now acknowledged as a world leader, and our professional and amateur winemakers are competitive with their counterparts in wine regions around the world!

Our non-profit association is one of the longestrunning wine judging and assessment organizations in North America. The WJC proudly offers its exceptional and highly regarded training program for wine judges: the oldest program of its type in North America.

The Wine Judges of Canada (WJC) is a professional organization of knowledgeable individuals who apply their skills to objectively evaluate wines of all styles. With an understanding of winemaking techniques, these judges provide concise commentaries to influence product enhancement, as well as to define and reward quality of excellence in the wine industry. A major goal of the organization is to continuously train members and interested parties in technical advances and systematic wine evaluation.

Footnote: Established in 1967, the Wine Judges of Canada was incorporated in 2006 under the laws of the Canada Corporations Act and the Regulations of the Minister of Industry , and was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation (as per letters of Patent 435726-4)