How We Judge

We organize and conduct wine competitions from start to finish in a professional, unbiased manner with the assistance of our trained, experienced support staff of Stewards, data entry personnel and administrators.
Our members provide unbiased wine assessments and winemaking critiques.

Our judges work on a fee-for-service basis and are available to provide professional support for your wine-related initiative. Many of our judges have shared their expertise extensively in successful wine events such as:

1. Judging wine competitions both amateur and commercial throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe;
2. Facilitate Your Wine Competition. Create a turn key operation in your region or country.

The Wine Judges of Canada will include the following services related to this formal competition:
Collection of the wines
Trained Stewards to document and pour the double blind taste wines
All required glassware
A custom designed results database and data base manager to process the results
Summaries of all results to the organizers
Certification of the results
Appropriate certificates and medals for winning wines
Participate at the Festival to present the winners and educate consumers.
All wines will be judged using a standard double blind system. Awards will be granted based on published
WJC standards as defined for Gold, Silver and Bronze in each submission wine category.

3. Leading a tutored wine tasting event as a social event or a fundraiser;
4. Offering expert presentations on wine appreciation and assessment;
5. Providing professional feedback to amateur and commercial winemakers on various winemaking
techniques and blending outcomes;
6. Participating in wine industry tasting panels;
7. Preparing or reviewing wine marketing notes and product descriptors for commercial winemakers of all sizes;
8. Assisting restaurants and chefs in the expert development of wine lists from Canadian wines to complement their restaurant or menu themes;
9. Supporting or providing independent endorsement of superior wine products.